Virus & Malware Removal

We specialize with the dection and removal of malicious software also know as Malware, a term used that refers to software programs designed to damage or do unwanted actions on a computer system.

Computer Service & Repair

Our Expert Technicians are trained to Diagnose and Troubleshoot your problem.   Regardless of your solid failure or intermittant issue we can run a Diagnostics and get back to you with an Estimate.

Data Recovery & Backup

We use several different techniques for Data Recovery which are performed In-House at our Office or take evasive measures using a Clean-Room envirnment.


On-Site or In-House Service

Our place or yours?
We can easily accomadate your needs by arranging a Service Call where a Technician can meet you at your Home or Office at your convenience.  If you prefer, you can arrange an appointment to drop off your equipment at our Shop which is located at 954 Farmington Avenue, Berlin CT where we can assist assist you with your bulky equipment from your car to our shop inside.  Either way, our friendly and curtious staff eagerly awaits your call!

Wired or Wireless Networks

Problems with your existing Network or Data Drop?
We can easily troubleshoot issues with your Network Cabling or Termination.  Your cabling issues can be resolved by full or particial replacement of your cabling run.
Let us design your Network by either running CAT5 or CAT6 Network cable or by the use of Access Points.  We can also install a Router which can share your DSL or Cable Internet providor.

Next Steps...

To schedule an appointment at our Office or                                                           Service Call for an On-Site Technician contact us:

860.828.1016 Office                                                                                            860.324.0604 Cell